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The Biz of EEO Podcast

The Biz of EEO Podcast

The Biz of EEO "Where Equality Meets Prosperity" is about educating and empowering people regarding eliminating discrimination, launching businesses in the lucrative Federal EEO contracting industry and building successful EEO careers. We are Your Biz of EEO Entrepreneur & Career Experts!

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May 24, 2023

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What’s the 411 on Getting an EEO Training Business Certification!

May 17, 2023

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Using USPS EEO Investigator contract to grow your EEO business!

April 18, 2023

Using USPS EEO Investigator contract to grow your EEO business!  Listen to former USPS EEO Investigator & Biz of EEO Experts discuss using USPS investigator experience to grow your business in the EEO industry.   This is a m…

Next Steps to Joining USPS as EEO Investigators!

April 14, 2023

Next Steps to Joining USPS as EEO Investigators! Listen to our EEO Investigators discuss their experiences submitting their proposals to the USPS, attending training program, potentially making $100K+, etc.! Learn from our E…

Former USPS EEO Investigator tells all about working with USPS!

April 11, 2023

Former USPS EEO Investigator tells all about working with USPS!     Learn from Former USPS EEO Investigator about experiences with the agency and how the USPS builds successful EEO Investigators!  This is a must listen episo…

Why Do You Need to be Certified as an EEO Investigator to Conduct Federal EEO Investigations?

Feb. 22, 2023

The Biz of EEO is about educating & empowering people regarding eliminating discrimination, launching businesses in the Federal EEO Contracting industry & building successful EEO careers!

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About the Hosts

Eyvonne WilsonProfile Photo

Eyvonne Wilson

VP Human Capital

Eyvonne Wilson, serves as PREEMPT’s VP, Human Capital and has extensive experience in the Human Resources/Capital industry and provides consulting services to PREEMPT private industry and federal customers. Eyvonne has been employed previously by Verizon Corporation in various areas of Human Resources and has been employed as a Human Resources Executive for a staffing company.

While employed at Verizon, Eyvonne has successfully managed major projects, developed HR policies and procedures, managed a work force responsible for administering benefits to active and retired employees and oversaw IT employees that were responsible for enrollment systems. In addition, Eyvonne has served as a Project Manager overseeing the installation of several automated call distributor systems that supported several benefit offices in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Eyvonne provides strategic HR leadership in several HR disciplines including EEO/Diversity & Inclusion, employee relations, performance management, staffing, formulation and execution of HR policies and programs, etc. In addition, Eyvonne assist customers in developing preemptive strategies for dealing with employee behavioral issues such as insubordination, harassment, unprofessional conduct, etc. Often times, Eyvonne is able to assist customers in reaching quick solutions to problems that could potentially lead to expensive lawsuits.

Eyvonne attended Bloomfield College and concentrated her studies toward a B.A Degree, Business Administration, received training in Project Management, is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and studied Strategic Human Resource Management Practices at American University’s Kogod College of Business Administration. In her spare time, Eyvonne serves as a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Dorian MorleyProfile Photo

Dorian Morley

Senior EEO Consultant

Dorian is an Equal Employment Opportunity & Human Capital professional with more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience in HR and EEO program Management and currently oversees PREEMPT’s EEO training programs & serves as its EEO technical advisor. Also, Dorian has extensive experience in development and training and has received recognition as an exceptional performer in every position held.

During her time at the Department of Treasury, Dorian launched the Department of Treasury’s Regional Complaint center in Chicago. Acting as the Chief Operating Officer for the complaints center, Dorian directed the processing for more than three hundred discrimination complaints annually. She managed a full time staff of twenty five specialists and investigators and a collateral staff of 60 investigators covering 30 states. In addition, she served as an advisor to Bureau executives in the areas of hiring practices, workplace environment, and effective management solutions.

Dorian also served as the Regional Staffing Manager and HR officer for the IRS Midwest Region, where she negotiated with union officials. Dorian was also successful in establishing a centralized timekeeping system, and in teaching Staffing Specialist, Basic Management, and Instructor training courses.

Dorian received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Jacksonville University. She has completed leadership training from Cornell University and she is also a certified Mediator.

Brenda D CurryProfile Photo

Brenda D Curry

Senior Consultant & Technical Expert

Brenda Curry, serves as PREEMPT’s Senior Consultant & Technical Consultant and has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Brenda, has been employed previously by General Motors Corporation in various areas of Human Capital and also during this period Brenda has been trained on various professional training and communication techniques.

While employed at General Motors, Brenda has successfully managed major projects, including developing and managing a multi-million-dollar training grant program and serving as the Assistant Manager–Corporate Communications for the Vice President of HR.

In addition to working with PREEMPT as a Consultant, Brenda provides strategic Human Management leadership to other small businesses and organizations. Brenda is a Certified Trainer and Myers Briggs Instructor and attended Michigan State University, working toward a B.A. Degree in Education. In her spare time, Brenda serves as tutor for Elementary school children in the local area.

Wanda M. JohnsonProfile Photo

Wanda M. Johnson

CEO & Attorney

Wanda M. Johnson founder, PREEMPT, Corp., oversees all operations on behalf of the company that is the premier provider of strategic Federal EEO solutions with emphasis on Educating and Empowering people to become EEO Entrepreneurs & Career Experts! In addition, we provide preemptive strategies and solutions to private industry and the Federal Government in the areas of Civil Rights, Business and Legal support services.

Prior to founding PREEMPT, Wanda practiced extensively in the areas of labor and employment law, including serving as an enforcement attorney with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Solicitor’s Office. During Wanda’s tenure with the Department of Labor, she was responsible for assisting the government to collect millions of dollars in back wages from numerous companies and federal contractors. In addition to practicing law, Wanda has served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Michael L. Rankin, District of Columbia Superior Court. Finally, Wanda is a graduate of Delaware State University & Howard University Law School and member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.